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How can relationships affect our mental health?

Monday, May 16th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 is all about relationships; how we should manage them, why we should invest time in them and how they can help us all stay positive, healthy and maintain our wellbeing.

Below, Kare Plus has put together a number of ways this can be achieved and the positive impacts they can have on us all. Take a read and share any suggestions you have in our comments on the bottom of the page!

Good relationships help us live longer and happier lives with less mental and physical health problems.


Relationships are as important as healthy eating, exercising and not smoking.


Make time for your relationships with friends, family and partners. Work and school can easily overtake us, not only making us stressed but limiting the time we spend with important people.


Listen to those who share their stories with you and concentrate on their needs in that moment.


Allow people to listen to you. Share how you’re feeling honestly with the important people in your life and let them support you.


Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re experiencing unhealthy relationships. This can help you move forward and overcome the challenges within this relationship.


It’s easy to be distracted by your phone or tablet when you’re spending time with loved ones, but make the conscious effort to put them down and be present in the moment; enjoying one another’s company.






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