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Registered Nurse

Worthing & Littlehampton
Job Ref: 5MPIN6NH24PN
Start Date: 2022-08-15
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Registered Nurses

Start Date: 2022-02-28
24/7 support, High rates of pay, Free uniform and training,…
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Start Date: 2022-06-27
Free Uniform, Weekly Pay, Variety
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Registered General Nurse

Job Ref: RGN
£20 to £30
Start Date: 2022-02-28
Weekly Pay, Flexible Working Hours, Variety of Settings, Work/Life Balance,…
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At Kare Plus we specialise in providing nursing jobs for the health care industry including learning disabilities, mental health problems, community nursing, prisons, rehabilitation, NHS organisations and others.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is about helping others to recover and sustain the best quality of life possible. At Kare Plus we specialise in providing nursing jobs for the Healthcare sector covering a wide range of services for learning disabilities, mental health problems, community nursing, prisons, rehabilitation and others. Nursing is about helping others to recover and sustain the best quality of life possible. We are also specialists in other health care set ups for learning disabilities, mental health problems, community nursing, prisons, rehabilitation and many others.

What Nursing Jobs Do Kare Plus Offer?

Community nursing jobs

Community nurses will provide health care to clients at home, health centres, local surgeries and various other establishments. Their role could involve anything from giving injections, changing dressings, tracheotomy or even post operative care. For example, if a care user has recently come out of surgery our community nurses will help people get the aid and equipment they need to remain independent. They will often also teach families and carers basic care giving skills so a patient can remain at home.

Prison nursing jobs

Prison nursing is similar to any other kind of nursing job but can be a little more of a challenge. Many patients, for example, may suffer from mental health and substance abuse issues. Everyday tasks can involve screening new prisoners and seeing to injuries sustained during organised sports or physical confrontations. Many may never have had substantial care before, depending on their background, and it can make a big difference in their lives.

Rehabilitation nursing jobs

A rehabilitation nurse has a very demanding job. The rehab period for patients who have experienced catastrophic events in their lives is extremely important to them attaining or retaining their highest function levels. The nurse’s aim here is to help the user return to normal and improve their quality of life. It is likely at times to involve teaching a patient to re-learn to walk, eat or talk but overall to have fun and smile again.

Mental health nursing jobs

Mental health nursing is very complex and varied. It has been reported that one in three people suffer from mental health problems in some capacity; therefore it can be very hard at times to not only detect but deal with. A nurse of this kind, perhaps even more so than others, must have a warm but strong and patient personality. It can often involve being based in community health centres and specialist units rather than regular hospitals. Similarly, working with patients who have learning difficulties can involve much the same, though often on a different scale. Nurses in this sector will also be more involved in the community and may be required to visit users in school or at home and help them develop as a person. Our nursing jobs will involve working with many others in the care and health sector, from carers to doctors and other specialists. Being selected for a nursing agency job will require the correct qualifications, experience, good professional references and other in-depth background checks. Nurses are very important to any community and their responsibility for others exceeds many other positions. Therefore, at Kare Plus it is our duty to find the best person for each nursing job.

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