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Communication & Operations

A Kare Plus Franchise Owner is supported through an array of communication and media. The primary area for support comes directly from our specialist teams based at head office; from compliance to IT, contracts to sales and marketing, a Kare Plus franchise support member is always on hand to help you with your day-to-day operations. You will also have your own dedicated business support manager who will be on hand and to pay you regular visits to support you into maximising your business operations.   

As comes with the territory of operating any business, there is a large amount of information, direction and resources to sift though in order to help business owners conduct a successful operation. To prevent an overload, all Kare Plus resources are made available in an accessible and user friendly way. Most key documents & facilities are currently accessed via a Franchise Owner Dashboard accessed though the Kare Plus website, guaranteeing that they get the most up-to-date documents, resources and information, including the operation manuals and access to preferred and carefully sourced supplier portals.


The first part to becoming a Franchise Owner begins during a week’s intensive training at HQ. Each day of training is ordered into chronological tasks/office operations. Regular training continues depending on service level, industry changes, software or technological changes or simply to refresh.


Kare Plus' marketing is constantly evolving to stay one step ahead in the healthcare industry. From social media to traditional advertising and everything in between, Franchise Owners come on board to a ready made marketing team that offers advice, support and tailor made marketing packages.

From day one, the Kare Plus marketing team is on hand to help boost your recruitment drive, build brand awareness and reach out to potential clients in your territory. 

To help all of our franchises develop further though, Kare Plus also invests a lot of resources into its national marketing. With flagship content and campaigns, Head Office is constantly developing a strong national brand identity so Franchise Owners don't have to.


We offer so much more:  Why not contact us to make an appointment to discover for yourself why we are one of the leading healthcare franchise opportunities in the UK.

Telephone:  01902 827696

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