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The duty of candour is a general duty to be open and transparent with people receiving care and applies to every health and social care provider that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates. Within this statement in line with this duty,  we refer to our customers which also means the people under our care.


Kare Plus offers a supportive working environment promoting a safe and approachable space for any concerns to be raised by its healthcare professionals and office teams. This in turn supports our staff to always be open and honest with their employer, colleagues, and relevant organisations. The business will also take part in reviews, and investigations when always requested and in accordance with the Duty of Candour Policy and Procedure.


As a provider of high-quality care and support services, all healthcare professionals we employ have a duty of candour to those under their care. This duty is a professional responsibility, to be honest with patients when things go wrong and to always ensure honesty and transparency to our customers or those close to them if something goes wrong.


Within our role as an employer and provider of care services, we will always ensure that the care and support we provide is delivered in a safe and appropriate manner. Should an incident arise where our delivery of care falls short of this essential standard, we will be open, transparent, and honest with our customers and/or those close to them and regulatory bodies outlining what went wrong and applying remedial measures.


At all times of any reported incidents, we will be open and honest with our customers. Outlining what went wrong and in addition, regulators, raising concerns where relevant to the regulator, and assigning a lead investigator to any reported incidents accordingly. Staff at Kare Plus will report all safety incidents to the management, in full detail. Accident/incident forms can be found by contacting the local branch.


Full investigations will be held for any accident or incident reported to Kare Plus and will have an assigned investigator. The incident will be recorded in writing and provide a truthful account of all the facts that Kare Plus knows about at the time. We will make sure that those affected are offered appropriate support and have a specific point of contact in case they have concerns or questions later.



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