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Stress Awareness Month: It's OK to say no

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

Does too much to do and too little time sound familiar?  If so, you may want to take a step back and start making more time for yourself to avoid burning out all together.

With work, social commitments and family needs all filling up the calendar, it is often too easy to forget about making time for yourself; leaving you with little time for recuperation and a bulging schedule doing your stress levels no favours.

With so little free time spare nowadays, meeting friends and having a social drink it is often at the forefront of our evening and weekend’s plans.  However, if you’re finding work stressful, feeling rundown or feeling under pressure to say “yes” all the time – it’s time you take a step back and have an evening in or a weekend to yourself. It may seem like you’re missing out, but if you’re rundown and stressed how much would you enjoy it anyway?

Saying no to plans once a fortnight or even just once a month will help give you the free time all of us need to reflect, relax and even save money – a problem that can lead to stress alone!

So next time you have to check and rearrange the diary to make plans, just remember, you can say no.

If you’re a nurse or carer feeling stressed, you can read all of our hints and tips this Stress Awareness Month, here.



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