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The plight of the lonely fight continues with Bisto

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 | Raising Awareness

Ahh Bisto. With Christmas around the corner, we’re sure it will become the epicentre of many roast dinners over the next few weeks. Roast turkey, crackers and family gatherings will be a standard affair for hundreds of families all over the UK this festive period, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

But what if you didn’t have a family to pull crackers and eat turkey with? What if you were one of the 3.9 million people in the UK who say the TV is their main company? What if you had to sit alone on Christmas day watching TV adverts full of social gatherings and festive cheer?

Here at Kare Plus, we wouldn’t wish this on anyone; which is why we are delighted to see so many companies, such as John Lewis, tackling the loneliness epidemic sweeping the UK with their hugely popular festive adverts. The latest to support the cause is the nation’s favourite gravy manufacturer, Bisto with their ‘Spare Chair Sunday’ campaign.

The initiative, which has already had 900 participants, aims to encourage families to invite their lonely neighbours, family and friends over to laugh over a Sunday roast, Christmas dinner or evening tea.

Even this small gesture can help reduce loneliness and prevent elderly and vulnerable people from deteriorating both physically and mentally. As a result, this can then reduce the need for care, increase their quality of life and help ease the strain on the stretched NHS and social services.

It can also be an opportunity to help promote the NHS’s Keep Well This Winter campaign, aiming to reduce the effects of cold weather and illness this winter.

So do your bit this Christmas. Make some gravy, cook a roast and get to know your neighbours – one day, it could be you.


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