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Men in healthcare infograph

Thursday, September 29th, 2016 | Blog



Nurses, healthcare assistants and midwives are all associated with women, because of this many people often find it strange when men decide to choose a career in one of these fields. While there is no doubt that the number of men within these professions has increased, the numbers are still very low.


The overall percentage of male nurses in the U.K is 10.7% of the workforce, while this is a very minor increase compared to previous years, it’s still incredibly low. The overall number of male midwives is a tiny 0.5% which ends up constituting only a few hundred within the United Kingdom. It’s interesting because there’s no difference in ability between male and female nurses or healthcare assistants, but instead it seems to be the result of attitudes towards caring roles. Hopefully this might change, but the increase in male healthcare workers is currently quite small so it’s hard to tell.

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