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Kare Plus proud to support Alzheimer's advocate, singer-songwriter Harry Gardner

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

Kare Plus is proud to present a new partnership with young singer-songwriter, Harry Gardner. Harry, 16 from Chelmsford, recently shot into the limelight with his new song, Not Alone. Written about his Nan who is currently living with Alzheimer’s, the song is about his personal struggle coming to terms with the debilitating disease. So far the song has reached almost 250,000 views on YouTube, and the success of it has helped raise over £7,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The success of the song has completely taken the family by surprise, they never expected it to reach this level of fame: “Before we knew it we had TV vans parked outside the house with satellites on top, it was unlike anything we’d ever experienced as a family before.”

Although success has thrown them into the spotlight, the underlying message is still about Alzheimer’s: “We really just want the song to get as much exposure as possible, and help spread awareness of Alzheimer’s.”

When asked how he came to write the song, Harry explained: “After visiting my nan, I found myself so shocked at how different she was; she just didn’t recognise me at all. On the way home afterwards I was just in complete shock. As soon as I got in, I sat at the piano and ended up just letting it all out. I pretty much wrote most of the song on the night. I found myself writing lyrics based on what me and nan used to do together, I thought it was a nice way to remember my nan as I knew her, before the disease. It’s my tribute to her.”

The partnership between Kare Plus and Harry is really about trying to highlight the importance of researching Alzheimer’s and shining the spotlight on the pain caused to families across the world by the life changing disease. In the UK alone there are 850,000 people living with dementia, with the figure predicted to increase to one million by 2025.

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that attacks brains cells. Those living with it slowly start to lose their memories and cognitive functions. This can mean that many loved ones cannot remember relatives and friends, meaning they need constant care.

Harry recently finished secondary school and is now spending his summer performing various gigs in his local area before continuing his studies at sixth form writing music. While music is important to Harry, he is also studying other subjects including business.

Kare Plus and Harry Gardener will continue to work together over the coming months as we strive to raise awareness of Harry’s cause and Alzheimer’s itself. If you want to find out more about Harry or donate to Alzheimer’s UK, please visit his Virgin Money Giving Page­­.

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