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A Walk Through Dementia Android app released

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 | Raising Awareness

Alzheimer’s Research UK and VR specialists have created an Android-exclusive VR app called A Walk Through Dementia, it is centred around giving people the chance to see what living with dementia is like. The application simulates the difficulties that dementia sufferers have with spatial awareness, memorising instructions and solving problems. This is done through three different scenarios’, all of which are designed to show the extent that dementia can have on a person’s ability. It’s all introduced by Channel 4’s Jon Snow, who runs down what the app aims to achieve.

The scenarios are each designed to exhibit a different kind symptom, the first of the three involves visiting a shopping mall. Players must follow the shopping list on the screen picking up the various items, those with dementia often suffer with memory loss so lists are an excellent way of remembering things. Alternatively, some dementia sufferers also struggle with processing written information and data. The VR experience really wants the user to understand that dementia is simply not about forgetting things.

The app was developed alongside those that suffer with dementia to help the public get a greater understanding of day to day life. The app can be used in VR using google Cardboard, but it can also be viewed on your mobile or tablet normally. A Walk Through Dementia is also available to watch on YouTube, with 360 degree rotation also implemented.



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