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What will you do to recognise, support and celebrate carers?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 | Care Workers

Carers Week is now just around the corner: An annual international event celebrating the outstanding work carers do to underpin the healthcare system each and every day, which is understandably close to Kare Plus’ heart.

On behalf of the organizers of this great event, Kare Plus is inviting everyone to Make a Pledge and share a message of support, recognition or celebration on the official website.

No matter if you’re a care worker yourself, an unpaid care giver, an organisation, an individual receiving care or a friend of someone who has been dependent on the vital services our HCAs, support workers and all carers do; head over to CarersWeek.org and make your pledge to help improve the welfare of those who care and make so many people’s lives better each day.

Throughout the week, there will be events right across the UK not only in celebration, but also encouraging people to recommend care organisations, services and employees, invite others to support Careers Week and commit to becoming carer friendly.

Kare Plus will also be sharing messages of thanks, goodwill and support across our social media and blog throughout the week. But also keep your eyes open for our competition throughout the week to win a fantastic getaway for a well-deserved carer or friend!

You can find out more about Carers Week on the official website, here.

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