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4 ways to avoid stress as a care worker

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 | Care Workers
Being a carer and working for a care agency isn’t an ordinary job. Not only is it a 24/7 job physically, it’s also a 24/7 job mentally – even when you’re not at work. Ask any carer, leaving your last shift doesn’t mean you engage ‘personal mode’ and forget about your customers, day's work or day's challenges you’ve faced. Unfortunately, sometimes this can escalate and the trials and tribulations of caring for the vulnerable can get on top of you and leave you feeling worn out and stressed. However, we know there is no real quick-fix or escape to switch off from your day as a care worker, but there are ways that can help you feel fresher, more on top of things and ultimately, help care for your customers to the best of your ability. 1) Sleep – Making sure you get at least 8 hours of rest each night is vital for your mental and physical health. It may mean going to bed an hour earlier or, depending on your shifts, getting up an hour later, but the extra time in bed will make you feel so much better – and help you manage your day-to-day challenges much better. 2) Eat healthier – When you are travelling from customer-to-customer it can be easy to dive into a local café for a fast sandwich or bit of fast food and, from time-to-time, there’s no harm in this. If this is becoming an everyday occurrence though, it is time to reassess. Healthy eating, be that through getting your 5-a-day, making your own salad for lunch or cutting out those chocolate bar elevenses, will give you more energy, more self-confidence and make you feel happier. 3) Be social – Seeing friends and family can help you relax, rewind and recuperate. Talk to them about your concerns and stresses, (while keeping the confidentiality of your customers), but make sure you also laugh with them and share a story.  Socialising is important to help relieve you of your worries and take a load off your mind. 4) Be realistic – As a carer you possibly experience working varied shifts, meaning your personal life can be scuppered and varied each day. Understandably, this can mean you struggle to plan things and often have to cram a lot into one day or one evening. From time-to-time, don’t be afraid to have a night in, a day at home or say no to those last-minute invites – in the morning, you’ll feel a lot better for it! At Kare Plus, we understand none of these are going to change the stress levels of your life as a carer over night, but by making some of these small changes from time-to-time will help you look after number one, feel more relaxed, do a better job of caring for your customers and enjoy your free time more!     Header Image: FlickR - bottled_void

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