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Are you affected by the NHS mental health nursing crisis?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 | Nursing

The strain on mental health professionals within the NHS has increased drastically due to a sharp decrease in the number of specialist mental health nurses twinned with an increase in mental health service patients.

Over the past five years, people in contact with NHS mental health services has increased by nearly 500,000, whereas specialist mental health nurses have decreased by over 10%.

The most notable decline in staff figures has been in NHS mental health centres treating some of the worst affected patients, where the number of specialised RMNs has fallen by 4,450 since 2010.

At a time when nurses are already being asked to do more for less, a decline in mental health nurses working within the NHS is putting yet more strain on current staff.

Understandably, ever-increasing work life strain, regular NHS cuts and the up-and-coming new revalidation scheme mean many mental health nurses will be questioning their worth.

However, there are alternatives. There are RMN roles available in a variety of settings; from nursing homes, to eating disorder clinics and private mental health hospitals – and Kare Plus can help place you there!

These settings offer less stress and more flexibility, giving you a more enjoyable work/life balance that can broaden your skill set and provide bank shifts for extra cash in your back pocket.

Kare Plus has multiple healthcare centres waiting for us to provide much needed nurses, so there’s also the opportunity for occasional bank shifts to snowball into a 40-hour week – thus allowing you to replace your current, stress-filled NHS career with a more relaxed, flexible setting.

If you’re an RMN and would like to find out more about how Kare Plus can help you find a new mental health nursing role, contact your friendly local branch staff.

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