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Axing of care worker scheme not all doom-and-gloom with Kare Plus

Monday, December 14th, 2015 | Care Workers

It was announced today that a government scheme aiming to help care workers develop their careers has been scrapped before it even hit the ground.

Focussing on creating career ladders for care workers with new training schemes and increased pay rates, the new initiative was due to begin in January, but the government has decided to pull its £178,000 of funding, much to the dismay of many hopeful care workers.

With more and more care homes turning to recruitment agencies such as Kare Plus to source staff, it’s not all doom and gloom for care workers and nurses though.

As well as training and support, Kare Plus has been building relationships with its carers and nurses for years. We look after our staff and want see each of them grow independently; progressing up the career ladder and pay scale in a way that suits their needs.

Although withdrawal of the care worker scheme funding is a crying shame for the care industry, we are still here for all carers to fall back on; whether that be for extra shifts, personal development or an increase in pay. 

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