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Help ease the NHS strain this winter as a Kare Plus nurse

Friday, December 11th, 2015 | Nursing

With a mission to raise the national standard of care, working as a Kare Plus nurse will always be a benefit to the UK healthcare sector. But over winter months this holds more truth than ever.

With sharp increases in vulnerable and elderly persons requiring care during the colder months, the NHS regularly suffers from a lack of beds and post-hospital care options – and this year looks to be no different. 

It has been announced that the lack of after care options is causing up to 160,000 cases of delayed discharge each month, with one hospital holding back two patients for six months and increasing the number of those who are readmitted – meaning less than 4% of patients are taking up nearly one third of all hospital beds.

One contributing factor to this is the lack of post-hospital care, such as domiciliary and care homes, and at Kare Plus we are determined to help reduce these statistics. After all, the cost of one week’s care in an NHS hospital is a minimum of £2800, compared to a relatively small £600 in a residential care home.

We are continually recruiting more nurses to help curb this trend and get care to those who are unnecessarily stuck in hospitals. With the coldest months yet to come, all of our branches have many positions available for nurses who are looking to take on additional bank shifts for extra income and to increase their skill set, or those who are looking for a change of direction in their nursing career and after a new role with increased flexibility and variable work types.

By becoming a Kare Plus nurse or care worker, it allows care homes and domiciliary care providers to relieve more strain from the NHS and reduce the delayed discharge statistics; thus saving money and providing a better nationwide standard of care.

As well as helping ease the strain on the NHS, you will also benefit from ongoing personal development training, great rates of pay and referral schemes. If it sounds like something that may of interest to you, contact your local Kare Plus branch to join The Caring Company.






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