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World Lung Day and World Heart Day: How Kare Plus Cares For Those With Chronic Conditions

Monday, September 25th, 2023 | Awareness Days

This year, World Lung Day takes place on 25th September and World Heart Day on 29th September, with both awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of caring for our hearts and lungs.

The British Heart Foundation states that a total of 7.6 million people currently live with heart problems in the UK while the NHS Inform confirms over 3 million people living with lung diseases.

Looking after your heart and lungs throughout your life significantly reduces the risk of heart and lung diseases later in life.

Kare Plus carers are experienced and passionate about ensuring those they care for continue to enjoy a full and enjoyable life, even when living with a heart or lung condition.

Elvis Anahor, from Kare Plus Taunton, encourages gentle exercise and games with clients to keep their minds and bodies active.

Graphic design on a carer's testimonial

Walking and Sitting Exercises for Improved Heart and Lung Health

Gentle daily exercise for heart and lung problems is vital and something Elvis and all our other carers work on with their clients.

“I support my clients by putting them on a pair of compression socks while they sit and raise their legs on a small footstand for improved heart and lung health,” he said.

“I incorporate morning and evening mobility exercises such as walking and sitting for my clients to improve blood flow and reduce risks of developing COPD lung and heart diseases.”

As an established healthcare franchise business with over 40 franchises in the UK, Kare Plus has developed a team of compassionate and professional carers like Elvis Anaho.

For more heart and lung wellness tips, visit The World Health Organization and The British Heart Foundation.


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