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National Eye Health Week – Make Sure Your Peepers Are Keepers With Kare Plus

Monday, September 18th, 2023 | Awareness Days

According to the NHS, more than 2 million people are living with eyesight loss in the UK, with around 340,000 registered as partially sighted.

National Eye Health Week promotes the importance of good eye health throughout life and the need for regular eye tests for all.

Each year, Kare Plus throws its support behind this important awareness campaign, held every September.

This year, National Eye Health Week runs from the 18th to the 24th of September and urges everyone to make their peepers a priority and to get them checked regularly.

Eyes are a very delicate part of the body that can often be neglected by millions of people, leading to preventable vision problems.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Maintain Good Eye Health:

• A healthy diet and lifestyle

• Regular eye vision screening

• Moderating screen time

• Wearing eye protection in bright sunlight and relevant working environments

• Not smoking

Regular eye tests don’t just pick up issues with eyesight – they can detect other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Having your eyes checked regularly can also pick up early signs of conditions such as glaucoma, which when found early enough, can be effectively treated.

Healthy Living

A healthy diet and lifestyle is great for your eyes.

Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are essential tips for maintaining good eye health.

Regular Eye Vision Screening

You should have your eyes tested at least every two years, even if you don’t have an existing eye condition.

Kare Plus supports everyone in registering with an optician to schedule regular eye tests near you.

Moderate Your Screen Time

Look after your eyes by keeping daily screen time to a minimum and having regular breaks, especially if you work at a computer all day.

Keeping screens at the right brightness, so as not to overstress your eyes, is also important.

Kare Plus supports the 20-20-20 rule.

Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away to reduce digital eye strain.

Eye Safety Measures

Wearing safety glasses at workplaces where eye protection is recommended and wearing sunglasses at sun-exposed locations protects the eyes from potential hazards and also reduces the risks of eye injuries.

Kare Plus fully supports the Eye Health Week campaign and has put together our pocket guide to ways you can look after your eyes.

An animation image on tips to maintain a good eye health

Share this guide with your loved ones, friends and colleagues to help reduce the risk of global sight loss and achieve a healthier future for all.

For more eye health tips, visit The National Eye Institute.  

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