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4 Quick and easy snacks for healthcare workers

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 | News

We crave sugar when we need an energy boost. However, a lot of sugars we eat don’t provide us with the slow release energy our bodies require.


 Nurses and carers spend a lot of time on their feet, supporting and attending to the needs of others. With such an active job nurses and carers can do the equivalent of three or more miles of steps within a 12-hour shift, this is equal to walking round a football pitch nearly 17 times. It can be hard to have a minute to sit down, but even though you are always busy caring for others, it is also important to care for yourself. Maintaining energy levels throughout the day or night is important, especially when you’re in a role that requires you to be constantly at your best.


Sugar is classed as a carbohydrate and your body either burns it off for energy or converts to fat which is then stored within your cells. One thing to take into consideration is the type of sugars/ carbohydrates you are adding to your diet on a daily basis.


When you only have five minutes before you are rushed off your feet to attend to something else, grabbing a coffee with a few sugars may be a good energy supplement to give you the quick boost you need. However, after your quick burst of energy has run out, you may still be feeling as tired as before. Having accessible, slow releasing sugars are more beneficial in keeping your energy levels high.

Here are our four top quick and easy snacks to keep you on your feet: 

1. Infusing your water with fresh or frozen fruit is a great way to add natural sugars to something that is easily accessible and is quick to consume. There are types of bottles available with slots for your fruit or vegetables that can be added to your water. It is also a great way to change what you are drinking as you can switch the types of fruit you are putting in your water, depending on what is tickling your tastebuds.

2. Porridge is a great food that supplies  you with slow releasing energy and can  also help to fill you up until your next  available break. Add healthier alternatives such as adding fruit or a drizzle of natural honey rather than other, processed sweeteners such as syrup. Porridge is usually seen as a meal eaten at breakfast, however, if you’re in a rush during your break it is a quick and easy meal to make, just add hot water or hot milk for a creamier snack.

3. Crisp apple slices and peanut butter is simple and snack that will help to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is full of protein and natural sugars that will help when you need a burst of slow releasing energy. It is also a healthier option than snacking on foods high in sugars such as; chocolate bars, packets of crisps and sweets.

4. Hummus is low in sugar but also helps to provide you with slow release energy. This is provided by the chickpeas and beans that it is made from. Hummus comes in many flavours that are bursting with flavour, for example; hummus and olive oil or for a more intense flavour, hummus with chilli. There are also many delicious accompaniments that pair with hummus as a snack, such as; celery, carrot sticks, crackers and wholemeal bread

We hope that our nutritious and enjoyable snack ideas help to keep you energised throughout your day. There are also many other foods and snacks that are great for body, if you would like to find out more we have an interesting blog on the health benefits of spices. https://www.kareplus.co.uk/blog/2017/08/11/a-short-guide-to-the-health-benefits-of-spices/


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