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Our super Home Helpers are here to save your every day

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 | Blog

The world is in a bit of an unusual way at the moment. With the majority of the country now in lockdown in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, there are more people now than ever before looking for some additional support with day-to-day tasks. Where a family member or close friend would have popped in before, we are now seeing more people stick to living in the house.

This is where our Home Helpers come into play. Our Home Helpers leave personal care duties to carers, instead focusing on supporting you with the jobs that need doing around the home when you maybe don’t have the time or the ability to do so. We can help with everything from hoovering, to washing the dishes and even some light cooking (no banquets, of course). 


If there’s something you need support with, but you aren’t sure if Kare Plus can help, then why not ask anyway? We understand that the country is experiencing something new right now, which is why our individual Kare Plus businesses are more than happy to work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure all your daily needs are met in the middle of this pandemic. 


Can’t welcome people into your home because of self-isolation? Maybe our Home Helpers can support by picking up some shopping or running any other local shops that you may need products from. Whatever it takes, we are here to support you and get you back to your best while you take the right precautions to keep others safe. 


While many of us can rely on the support of close family and friends, we understand that this isn’t an option for everyone. This is why we’re here to say that our Home Help team can be there to save your every day, no matter how little, big, or seemingly insignificant your request might be! Our teams are here to work with you and support you through what is a difficult time for all of us.


If you would like to find out more about our Home Help service, please contact your local Kare Plus business to see what services it provides in your area.


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