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Carers Week 2019 - The Different Stories of Care: Nursing

Monday, June 10th, 2019 | Blog

Carers Week 2019 is an important week in the healthcare calendar. It is a time for everyone to celebrate - and raise awareness for - hardworking carers across the UK. Paid or unpaid, nurse or homecarer, those working in healthcare provide one of the most vital services - the support of those who need it.


To help paint a picture of the different types of care this Carers Week, we’ve spoken to a number of different individuals that all provide care in different capacities. Names have been changed to protect the identities of those taking part, but their answers and insights come from years of experience in care.



Barbara has been a registered nurse for close to twenty years, and in that time she has built a career as both a General Nurse and Midwife. With years of experience behind her, Barbara now supports others through the revalidation process as well as her role as nursing manager.


We spoke to Barbara about her nursing career and asked her what it was that sparked her interest in the profession.


“I wanted to make a difference, I had worked in care before and under some very influential nurses. They were strong and compassionate and generally looked up to and I wanted to learn as much as possible so I could be like them.”


Student nurses must work in healthcare settings throughout their studies, an experience that provides individuals with valuable experience and knowledge. Barbara’s first experience in care was working as a carer in a rehab centre and a nursing/care home setting.


It was an amazing experience! The senior carers were keen to teach and share their knowledge and the nurses were the same. It was a real team effort; I spent more time with work colleagues than I did my family, so we ended up very close during my time there.”


Having spent many years in the nursing profession, Barbara admits there are some misconceptions she wishes didn’t exist.


I worry some individuals are put off due to the belief that nursing is low paid. There are so many roles in nursing that offer serious career progression and reward those with great skill sets.”


Pay is an important part of any job choice, but the feeling of being rewarded and a personal investment in a job is the secret to long-term success in any field. With nearly twenty years experience in healthcare, Barbara still finds her job incredibly rewarding.


I love making a difference. Whether it’s saving a life or simply a small act of making life easier, it’s those moments that are the most rewarding - some stay with you forever.”


Barbara wasn’t lying about moments staying with you forever. We asked her about her proudest moment to date, a moment she quickly recalled.


Taking my first post as a sister was a big moment for me. I had achieved my goal and the best bit was it was equally just as exciting and terrifying as I thought it would be. It was the first real opportunity I had to make true change and to challenge practises that have been around forever.”


With lots of experience and countless proud moments, Barbara is the perfect person to offer advice to those considering a career in the care industry.


Try lots of different aspects of care first. There are so many and each one is different, so find one that you are interested in and you will love it


When you perform a job you love, it isn’t work. If everyday you are both challenged and rewarded, you have found the right role,” added Barbara.


We want to thank Barbara for taking the time to talk with us this Carers Week. If you would like to find out about a career in care, why not visit our jobs page?


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