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Ways to make sure you stay active this new year

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 | Blog

At this time of year, we can often find ourselves ready to start something new. After indulging at Christmas, the new year is a great time to start taking your health and wellbeing into consideration to be ready for the year ahead.

As you get older, it can be harder to make sure you’re getting the exercise that you need. It can also become less appealing to eat well and look after yourself. Of course, there is no problem with eating what you want to but it’s all about everything in moderation.

Depending on your age, there are a variety of exercises that can be tailored to you to make sure your body doesn’t slow down more than it needs to. We tend to become less busy in life as we get older. Staying active is a great way to keep busy and fit, as well as keeping you healthy physically and mentally.

Being sociable

We can spend more time alone as we get older, so joining a club or a community organisation can help to keep our minds active. Spending time with others can really reduce the risk of this. Your social activities can also include dancing, which is another great way to keep your body active.

Try going for a swim

Swimming is a gentle form of exercise and can be enjoyable if you are able to get to a pool. Swimming can have a positive impact on your mind as well as your body as it is known to reduce stress and blood pressure. Even a short session in the water can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Seated exercises

Even if you are unable to leave your chair, you can still benefit from some low-level exercise. Raising your legs or lifting weighted objects can help keep muscles toned. Some yoga positions can also be achieved while seated and can also reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Keeping up with cleaning

Keeping up with tasks around the home can keep you active, as well as ensuring you have a clean house. You can complete only a few tasks if necessary, if you have a care assistant or somebody close to you that helps you out, let them know that you would like to help. This can also help you to maintain some independence.

Mild to moderate exercise can have a huge impact on physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring a higher quality of life. If you think you or someone you know could need care, contact us here: https://www.kareplus.co.uk/contact-us/

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