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From skydives to the BRIT Awards: Kare Plus offers more than a career

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 | Blog

Kare Plus is a company that always strives to encourage growth, development and creativity amongst its employees, and Compliance Administrator, Vicki Lee of Kare Plus Norwich completely personifies this.


After spending 5 years working as a home care assistant, two of which were as a senior carer, Vicki wanted to make a change in her career - which is when she turned to Kare Plus. Upon joining,Vicki was tasked with staff compliance; ensuring the branch supplies the highest quality of care. Since then she has gone on to develop her skill set, reacting to the new challenges and tasks she faces each day, something Vicki told us about when we recently had the chance the have a chat:


I love being able to do different things each day and always feel like I’m learning, Vicki explains.


“The team I work with are really supportive, and I don’t think I would have developed professionally without their help. I honestly think I’m far more confident than I was when I first joined - I was so shy that I never used to talk to people that I didn’t know.


The professional and personal support has been pivotal to Vicki’s progression in her career, but has also helped her achieve many obscure achievements in recent months too; namely diving from a plane at 15,000ft in support of Cavell Nurses’ Trust!


I wanted to do it for a long time, but I was always far too scared; then in the office one day Gordon talked about arranging a charity skydive and I ended up volunteering”, she said.


Before I knew it I was 15,000 feet in the air and waiting to jump towards the earth. The free fall itself was absolutely amazing - it is honestly a feeling like no other. Unfortunately, I passed out as the parachute opened, meaning I missed some of the descent back down towards Norfolk. Even though I felt a little bit ill afterwards, it is definitely something I would love to do again.


It would appear the sky definitely isn’t the limit for Vicki though, as only a month later she won a competition to attend the BRIT Awards with Kare Plus. The prestigious evening was filled with  entertainment from some of the most talented musicians the UK and the world has to offer - including one of Vicki’s favourite artists, Ed Sheeran.


“It was amazing. The hotel we stayed in was lovely and very posh - it felt like I had walked into the Titanic. After getting ready at the hotel, we went to a really lovely restaurant where we had a three course meal - which was again, very posh”, she reminisced.


After our meal it was time to walk the red carpet, something that was a very surreal experience, especially having to walk alongside celebrities and musicians. The whole evening went very fast, but my favourite highlight was definitely Ed Sheeran’s performance.


While everything has certainly calmed down a bit more now, Vicki is still working hard and improving everyday thanks to the support of the Kare Plus Norwich team. When questioned on what her next adventure will be she told us: “I’m honestly not sure, but I am totally open to suggestions!


Without Kare Plus, the last six months would have likely been very different for Vicki and would not have involved being 15,000 feet in the air or rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Vicki was quick to praise Kare Plus, thanking her team for all the support they have provided.


Kare Plus is an amazing company to work for. They always offered me support when I need it and I’ve had lots of opportunities to progress within the company. For anyone thinking of joining the company, please do it - it’s one of the best decisions I ever made


We’re incredibly proud of Vicki, and her growth over the past six months indicates that she has an incredibly bright future with Kare Plus.

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