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Do you #LoveToNurse ?

Friday, September 9th, 2016 | News

 #LoveToNurse is a new campaign to say a huge thank you to nurses everywhere. Over the course of the next few months we will give a platform to nurses; giving them the chance to tell the world why they love being a nurse, and in turn let the world understand how important they are to our healthcare system. We hope to help bring the community of nurses together, and maybe inspire some people to choose this amazing career path as their own.


We’re not alone on our #LoveToNurse campaign though, we are also joining up with Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Much like Kare Plus, they are committed to providing support to the nursing community.


We’re determined for the goodwill of #LoveToNurse to reach nurses everywhere, which is why we’re inviting you to share your own message. Either film a short video or write a few words explaining why you #LoveToNurse and share it on your Facebook or Twitter profile! Even if you’re not a nurse, you can still share and get involved; why not tell us a story about when you were treated by a great nurse? There’s lots of other things we’ll be doing, and everyone can get involved so please check out our Facebook and keep an eye out for #LoveToNurse across social media.


As Jean Watson once said “Caring is the essence of nursing”, and we want to show nurses that we care, and appreciate all the hard work they do. Without them there would be a lot less caring in the healthcare industry.


So get involved and share your own nursing message, also don’t forget to visit our websute www.lovetonurse.co.uk  

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