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More than breakfast: How to say “thank you” this Mother’s Day

Sunday, March 6th, 2016 | Blog

It's that time of year again when mothers all over the country are having a lie-in, getting served breakfast in bed and having flowers thrown at them left, right and centre!

It is always the thought that counts, making such displays of thanks loved by moms all across the country. However, here at Kare Plus, we were thinking what else can we all do today that goes beyond material gifts and great annual Mother’s Day Breakfast - things that will stretch beyond 11am once the breakfast has finished and presents have been shared.

So below we have complied a list of ideas that you don’t need to plan, won’t break the bank, but will bring back memories, create memories and let you both share memories.

1) Go on a walk together – Going on a walk, maybe on a specially planned route, is a brilliant way to spend time with your mum today. Being outside eliminates all distractions; leaving you and your mom alone to chat and enjoy one another’s company. Something which sitting distracted in the gadget-ridden house rarely inspires.

2) Look at old family photos – Nowadays we have an abundance of photos stored away digitally on our phones, computers and hard drives which we rarely go back and look at. The chances are you also have a stockpile of printed photos from really old family holidays! Why not sit down with your mum and go through all these; reliving memories together you had possibly forgotten about.

3) Help your mum with technology – All too often when our parents ask for help with their phone, laptop or even in-car-technology nowadays, we’re too busy to spare a few minutes then and there and “will do it later” – so often later never materialises. Well take the opportunity today to show them how to connect their phone to their car’s Bluetooth, how to store their photos on iCloud or set-up the new Blue-Ray player. It may only take you five minutes, but will mean so much to your mom.

4) Cook her dinner – Okay, so we’ve already said that cooking breakfast is too much of a Mother’s Day norm and is one of the reasons that inspired us to create this list. However, we also said we wanted to create a list that went beyond 11am and made the whole day special for your mum. Well a Sunday dinner can mean so much on Mother’s Day - from taking the emphasis off your mom to cook, to creating the opportunity for a sit-down dinner where conversation can flow. It makes your mom’s life easier and creates family time on her special day.

5) Clean and tidy the house – Not an obvious gift for Mother’s Day, but if the cleaning and tidying responsibility falls on your mum, it can often be the bain of her life. By picking up the hoover or emptying or loading the dishwasher, Wash your own and her clothes, dry them and fold them would it creates twice the time for your mum to relax. It leaves her the opportunity to put her feet up today and will free her time up a few days down the line when she may usually be cleaning the house. Win-win!

6) Say “thank you” – In this instance, words can speak louder than actions. No matter how many gifts you buy or dinners you cook, just think about the last time you actually said “thank you” to your mum just for being…well, your mum?

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