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Are your elderly relatives ready for winter?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 | Blog

It’s no secret winter is a hard time for many elderly citizens, with a record breaking 43,000 deaths between last December and March alone.

In line with Kare Plus beliefs, the NHS is encouraging the elderly to ‘Stay Well This Winter’ by staying warm, eating well and ensuring they get any jabs they’re entitled to; most importantly, the flu jab.

All homes should be heated to a constant temperature of at least 18C. Not only can this prevent colds and flu, but also more serious illnesses such as pneumonia, strokes and heart attacks. We understand this can often be a large expense to the elderly, who can struggle to afford the higher winter bills in the winter months. However, an extra jumper, hot water bottle or blanket can also help.

Eating well is of vital importance all year round to keep energy levels up and illness at bay, but during winter months ensuring elderly relatives are eating regular, hot, healthy meals is more important than ever. The energy quality food provides helps keep the body warm and prevent the chance of falling ill. If cold or flu symptoms do occur though, warm food and drink can also help soothe the effects.

Every year flu jabs are made available to all vulnerable people; from the elderly to pregnant women and young children. They are free of charge and vital to help fend off the, often easily caught, bug.

It’s not just all about physical health though. Winter also gives another reason for the elderly to lock themselves away and begin to suffer from the effects of loneliness. Popping by, or even just a quick phone call  to check on their physical wellbeing can also be enough to keep them mentally active and happy; giving them drive to stay well this winter.

Whilst the weather is still relatively mild, we recommend getting your elderly relatives prepared and ready to go before the winter really takes hold. And of course, all Kare Plus carers will be monitoring the health and well being of all their vulnerable customers too.

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