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A day in the life of...a Kare Plus Branch Manager

Friday, December 4th, 2015 | Blog

Kare Plus Wolverhampton Branch Manager, Laura Haynes“I’m supposed to be in the office at 08:00, but I’m usually here by 07:45 to make a cup of tea and settle in before the day starts”, says Laura Haynes, Kare Plus Wolverhampton’s Branch Manager.

Looking after one of Kare Plus’ flagship branches, it’s understandable she likes to get in a little early to ease herself in. Offering the full array of Kare Plus services; recruitment, home care and supported living, Laura’s work day rarely leaves her much spare time to breathe.

“By the time I’ve had a quick check for any urgent emails, the phone starts ringing with various clients sourcing nurses and carers for in as little as two hours time through to a full roster of staff for the following week”, explains Laura.

“I’d probably say Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days for this, with last minute weekend cover needed on Fridays and the regular clients’ week-long placements on Mondays. But to be honest, you can never really tell. It’s a very reactive job”, she continued.

As well as distributing staff for the branch’s various clients, Laura also plays a vital part in vetting them all to make sure they remain compliant and have all the necessary certificates and qualifications: “My colleague, Brett does most of the compliance work, but most days I give him a helping hand. There’s so much to do and, in order to keep everybody safe, we can’t afford to miss anything.

“Once they are compliant and signed off, ready for work I also complete the inductions; telling them how Kare Plus operates, how to fill out time sheets, our protocols and so on.”

Laura’s staff handling doesn’t stop there, though. She is also in charge of payroll for all her nurses and carers; a job many would manage alone, without the trials and stresses of balancing the needs and wants of both clients and staff.

By 16:00, when most clients have their staff needs covered and nurses have been placed out in the field, Laura tries to be heading out the office. But that doesn’t mean she is done for the day; her emails are 24/7 and she’s on call evenings and weekends to cover emergency bookings.

“It is a challenging job at times”, says Laura, “but I enjoy the variety it offers and the numerous people I always get to meet. I’ve been in the care industry for six years and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love knowing I am helping provide care to those that need it and my work is making a difference”.

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