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Kare Plus, Ashford

Sponsor Interview with Jessica and Ottilia

Thursday, February 8th, 2024 | Kare Plus Ashford News

First impressions: How has your experience been in the country during your first few months? What were your initial impressions of the local culture and work enviroment? 

My first experience in this country was not that bad. My company welcomed me with warm arms and treated me as one of them. We work as a team with no complaints at all. 

Professional Growth: How has your role within the company contributed to your professional growth? Are there any skills or knowledge areas you feel you have developed since joining us? 

My professional growth is now on the highest level. I have gained more skills and more knowledge since i joined this company everything is goof no complaints. 

Company experience: What motivated you to join our company under the sponsorship programme? How have you found working for the company so far? 

I have got motivated with the comments and praises i saw on Facebook about this company and decided to apply with you and found that all the compliments are real this is the best company i ever saw. They treated everyone the same. I am so happy working for this company. 


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