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#TrueCompanion - With Kare Plus

Friday, June 4th, 2021 | Uncategorized

The relationship between care givers and care customers can be like no other. Due to the pandemic restricting loved ones from seeing those who are vulnerable, healthcare workers have become even more like True Companions! If you are a healthcare worker with a client whom you have bonded with, take part in our True Companions ‘Who’s Most Likely’ game and put your relationship to the test!

How To Play...  

1. Download and print your game templates from the links below

2. Find out how well you know each other by answering our 15 ‘Who’s Most Likely’ questions, record it as a video and share it with us!

3. Capture the fun! Upload your videos and pictures to your favourite social media handles and tag @KarePlus using the #TrueCampanion. Alternatively you can send over your memorable moments to [email protected]


Terms & Conditions:

By submitting your entry to us you are agreeing to Kare Plus using the video on our Social Media. We will accept submissions from anyone working in healthcare or being cared for; the Kare Plus workforce, customers, clients and families. Please ensure that all participants featured within the video have given full consent to be filmed and published/shared on social media. Kare Plus will not share videos that do not have written consent of usage.


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