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Using the NHS COVID-19 app as a care worker

Monday, March 15th, 2021 | News

Once you have downloaded the app, it should be left on as much as possible to ensure you and your community are protected. If contact tracing is turned off then the app will not work as intended and you will not be notified if one of your close contacts later tests positive for coronavirus.

However, there are some specific workplace scenarios when you should pause the contact tracing feature. These are:

  • when you are working behind a fixed Perspex (or equivalent) screen and are fully protected from other people
  • if you store your phone in a locker or communal area, for example while working
  • if you are a worker in health and social care and are wearing medical grade PPE such as a surgical mask
  • if you are a healthcare worker working in a healthcare building such as a hospital or GP surgery


Contact tracing can be paused within the app by moving the contact tracing toggle on the home screen. It’s important you turn the contact tracing toggle back on as soon as you are not in one of the above scenarios, for example, when you retrieve your phone from your locker. To help you, you will be given the option to pause the feature for different time periods – after which you will receive a reminder to turn the contact tracing feature back on.”


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