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The Kare Plus commitment to training

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 | Blog

Pay rates and work-life balance are an important element of any job, but at Kare Plus, we believe that the right training and development opportunities are just as important!


As a national network of franchise businesses, each business provides a standard level of mandatory qualifications, ensuring our staff all start with the same level of knowledge and training when supporting our customers. Many of our franchises also offer optional training courses, so staff can continue to build on their skills, making them more capable in their roles and more employable in the future 


Our Kare Plus Norwich business houses a dedicated training centre within its office. Meaning the training team can provide the kind of training they think best suits their staff in an environment designed to match it. Kare Plus Norwich owner, Gordon Anderson was inspired to launch the training area for a number of reasons.


We created an in-house training room for a number of reasons. We wanted to give our training more credibility by running it within our own premises. Which is why we run a two-day induction once a month for everyone who is new to care and we advertise each course in advance via our social media channels.”


Kare Plus Norwich also offers a refresher day once a month for experienced staff, and we also host a specialist training session one day a month.”


The training room is filled out with a number of specialist materials, so staff can learn about care before they step out into a care environment.


Our training room is equipped to a very high standard. There is comfortable seating for up to 12 delegates, it’s fully equipped with audio and visual equipment and there is a refreshment bar for soft and warm drinks."


In terms of care equipment, we have a range of stand aids, a profiling bed, electric hoist (including a range of slings and slide sheets), CPR manikins and even a commode.”


The training offered varies from business to business, but Gordon and his team at Norwich provide plenty of opportunities for advancement.


Mandatory Training is available to all new starters, existing staff can participate in NVQ standards from L3 advanced first aid, to health and social care NVQs,"


Once a month our specialist training will cover everything from APO pump, Fresenius Peg training to bereavement training which includes a visit to a local funeral directors and a number of steps to teach staff how to support with bereavement.”


The feedback on the training facilities has been incredibly positive for Gordon and his team so far.


Experienced and new care recruits provide positive feedback and we’ve been told our training facilities set us apart from what other local care providers are offering.”


Our Kare Plus Warrington franchise recently built a training room which mimics a customer’s home, enabling staff to get comfortable with the typical working environment before they officially start working.


We spoke to the Registered Care Manager for the franchise, Zowie McMillan.

Our training room was designed to train new staff and provide refresher training for those who need further training once they are employed. The equipment used in the training rooms consists of items you would typically find in a hospital.

We also have a mock living room set-up which mimics customer homes. The living room has a range of items in there which you would find in an elderly persons’ home along with a few items that shouldn’t be there, so it’s a bit like spot the wrong items.”   

Having gone through different training myself and knowing how if feels to walk into someone else’s home, I really wanted to recreate the environment for our new staff. It not only improves their confidence, but it helps them understand what they should and should not do when visiting a customer”

The Kare Plus Warrington training equipment and facilities hold a number of different medical items, providing staff with the chance to experience every aspect of the job. 

Our training room includes; a hospital bed, a hoist, slide sheets, a banana board, a commode, catheters, incontinence pads and lots of information displayed on the walls!”

As well as the mandatory training options, we also offer staff;

  • NVQ Enrollment

  • Training by a clinical skills hub which is run by numerous qualified nurses

  • Training on equipment from local occupational therapists

  • Training for any new packages that require extra training outside of what we can provide i.e. peg feeding.”

The feedback has been positive so far for Zowie as numerous members of staff have praised the training room.

The relaxed and informal atmosphere means staff do not feel rushed. If they have any questions, they can ask them and we can provide tangible responses thanks to the way the training room is set up.”

As well as the mandatory CQC training that all healthcare workers must complete, we also have a library of training materials available to our staff. Encouraging further training not only increases the employability of all our staff members, but it also makes them more proficient in the workplace, leading to a better quality of care being provided.


If you would like to find out more about our available roles, please visit our jobs page by clicking the link below. 


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