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How managed care can improve wellbeing

Monday, April 15th, 2019 | Blog

As people get older and less mobile, it can lead to an ongoing loss in quality of life. This can manifest as depression, loss of appetite, stress and even cognitive decline. Understanding why your elderly relative or friend is finding it more difficult to cope is part of finding a solution that works for them as well as for family and friends.

Everybody has mental, emotional and physical needs that need to be met in order to stay healthy and to enjoy life. But as elderly people become more isolated, all these important areas can be adversely impacted.

Managed care, in the home, can be a way to mitigate the impact of isolation and reduced mobility. If selecting care delivered in the home, elderly people can enjoy life in their own homes for longer.

Deciding what care is needed

Rather than assuming where help might be needed, asking your loved one how they spend their day is one way of finding out what they are finding difficult and where the pinch points are.

It may be that they find it difficult to shop and would appreciate some help buying groceries so that they can make their own decisions and maintain independence.

Some other areas to think about are:

  • Whether taking medications on time is a problem
  • Can they do the laundry by themselves?
  • Is cleaning an issue, particularly the kitchen and bathroom?
  • Are they lonely?
  • Can they get to places where they can meet friends?
  • Can they bath or shower by themselves?

How Managed Care Might Help

Having someone in to help with some of the above can relieve the pressure on family members.

Knowing that there is someone coming in for a few hours a week to help, take them for a walk, play cards or even to just chat can make the difference between an elderly person struggling to cope and feeling in control and actually enjoying life.

Putting a Care Plan in Place

Working with you and your loved one, a care manager can put in place the support required to help in your specific circumstances. At Kare Plus, we ensure the same carer team visits so a relationship and rapport can be established.

If you think that your elderly loved one would benefit from help, companionship, transport or all three, get in touch with your local Kare Plus branch today at:  https://www.kareplus.co.uk/branches/   

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