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Why self-care is so important as a healthcare worker

Friday, July 27th, 2018 | Uncategorized

Due to the nature of work in the healthcare industry, the general perception of self-care can often be construed as selfish, or as something that can be taken care of outside of work.

Of course, we are not saying you should neglect the needs of your patients, but why not think about self-care as a way of improving your relationship with your customers and a way to achieve a healthier working environment? If you look after yourself then you can create a happier situation for you and your customers.

Burnout is an affliction that can really affect you as a carer, if you are not at your best then the person you are caring for can begin to suffer. Burnout is the inability to relieve the physical and mental symptoms associated with stress. This can show in your job performance, impersonality and a lack of motivation. Traditionally, a lack of positive interaction and feedback among healthcare professionals can increase isolation and increase the risk of burnout.

If you think you may be suffering from burnout, there are steps you can take to reduce this stress. Try reaching out to colleagues and bosses as they can help reduce stress - as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved!

You should always be proactive in trying to figure out the things you have control over and try not to worry about the things that you don’t. The majority of our stress is psychological in nature and it isn’t the events that cause us stress but the response that is triggered by our perception of the situation.

In a healthcare system where you have been trained to trust the power of your mind, you should always listen to what your intuition is telling you. No one can tell you how you should be going about self-care, because what makes you feel good is totally up to you. Provide yourself with a sense of freedom and joy, and therefore improve your ability to provide care.

There are many benefits associated with self-care, including an improvement in mood and energy levels. If you regularly spend time thinking about yourself and your needs, your self-esteem will be set to rise and therefore put you in a better mood. Also, having more energy will help you in an intense working environment such as a hospital as you will be more productive and focused on the job.

We understand that working in healthcare can sometimes be stressful, but remember when you take care of yourself, you’ll find that you have more to give to those around you. This will give you the resources to be compassionate to others and will of course help you massively in a healthcare role. Giving compassion is a bit like filling a bucket; you can’t fill someone else’s if you don’t have enough of your own!

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