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Kare Plus, Milton Keynes


Our Home Care Service:

Domiciliary Care, or Home Care, may suit you if you it’s important for you to stay living at home. If you find comfort in familiar surroundings near friends and family and wish to retain your independence but still require some extra help every now and then. Domiciliary care can often be the perfect solution to getting some extra needed help whilst retaining a level of personal freedom. For further info contact our Home Care service team on 01908 410992

We understand the difficulty that comes with deciding to accept care in your own home but after years of experience in assisting those in need across England and Wales. Kare Plus have come to learn the many reasons individuals may need care and how make the experience as stress-free as possible- particularly during the difficult early stages.

Whether you need more hands on care, or just a regular drop in visit to help with cleaning and to see a friendly face; Kare Plus Milton Keynes and Bedford provide a dignified service to ensure you always receive a supportive and friendly home service. If you require a Carer once a week or everyday, your exact needs, wishes and cultural requirements will always be respected.

It's not uncommon to feel like a burden, admitting or realising, that you need help and care to continue to get on in life is a huge, and an ultimately, life changing decision. But The Kare Plus philosophy reiterates our compassion for our clients:

“We believe that everyone should be empowered to live their lives as they desire; this may include the right to remain living in your own home or the right to live your life in a fulfilling way that you choose. Whatever a client or service user’s needs are, we believe that by providing the right care and assistance can enable people to do so with dignity in an independent, safe and secure way.”

For further info contact our Home Care service team on 01908410992

Our Milton Keynes and Bedford Home Care Team: 

Each one of our staff receives ongoing training ensuring their skills are constantly refreshed. They come from a variety of healthcare backgrounds allowing us to cater to a vast array of specialist needs. We don’t just recruit based on skills and qualifications but instead use rigorous selection process, we can assure you that our Carers have the highest moral standards and understanding of compassionate caregiving.

Transitioning into home care can be a big adjustment; a change in routine and allowing somebody new into your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. To make you feel at ease we always ensure we take the time to match you with a Carer that not only meets your health requirements but also your interests.

Not only are Kare Plus Carers highly organised and hardworking but they genuinely care. Our team pride themselves in creating a comfortable relationship between you and your carer and endeavour to minimise the number of different Carers you have have contact with on a regular basis, after all the primary concern is improving your quality of life and health, without the added stress of multiple new faces constantly coming into your home. 

We work closely with each individual to determine what kind of domiciliary care services you’ll need and ultimately crafting a personalised care plan.

A Service Tailored To You:

You may fear losing your independence, but we pride ourselves in ensuring each individual service user not only remains as independent as possible but also receives the level of care they require. The level of support depends on you as an individual and is always done so with warmth and a smile. Whether you’re recovering from a long-term illness and need a large amount of support or just a weekly drop by visit for a good chat or help with cleaning a friendly face will always greet and care for you.

Our Milton Keynes Kare Plus branch is registered with the regulatory Care Quality Commission meaning we are fully registered and monitored to ensure our services meet the standards set by English governing bodies.

To discover how this service can benefit your life, get in touch with us either online or directly over the phone by calling 01908 410992 today. 

Work with Kare Plus:

If you are looking to work in domiciliary care, you can view our available roles and apply online using our job application page. If you would like to find out more about employment opportunities with Kare Plus Milton Keynes and Bedford please contact us today.


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