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Kare Plus, Loughborough


Healthcare and Nursing Recruitment is our specialism and we take pride in doing it well.  We are passionate about the quality of care we provide and our ethos is echoed by our esteemed workforce.  With a dedicated nurse-led recruitment team and over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry, we support both the NHS and private sector in delivering outstanding services through our flexible and responsive team.

Kare Plus Loughborough exists for one simple reason.  We are exceptional at finding the right individuals to fulfil our clients’ needs, quickly. The extensive recruitment and compliant processes used to locate and employ suitable healthcare professionals with the appropriate skills and qualities to strengthen a team can be the most difficult, time consuming and frustrating part of any business: Crucially, this could result in a drop in efficiency and standards.  Employment processes take up precious time, which we know are far better spent on many other fundamental operations.

Our bespoke management, compliance and rostering system, combined with an extremely rigorous recruitment and selection process guarantees we only employ the very best.  Every applicant who wishes to join Kare Plus Loughborough must have a wealth of experience and undergo a series of checks including; DBS, proof of identity, professional written references, a complete employment history, to name a few.  All successful applicants undergo a meticulous in-house induction programme to ensure that they can meet and exceed the expectations of the organisations in which they are to be placed.  This compliance procedure is embedded into the network and all its members, thus forming a serious and integral part of safeguarding the business functions.

We offer outstanding value for money in terms of time and efficiency savings.  Our pay rates reflect our expectations and high standards; each and every one of our healthcare professionals and nurses are employed for their flexibility and dedication to their profession and indeed to Kare Plus Loughborough and clients. 

About our Health Care Workers and Nurses

  • We have robust recruitment processes in place to ensure only appropriate staff are employed by Kare Plus Loughborough and that such employment falls in line with legislation and regulatory expectations.
  • All our personnel undergo comprehensive induction and training prior to employment.
  • We have a comprehensive structure of processes in place to ensure that we oversee our workers professional development regularly via spot checks, regular supervisions, training updates and courses.
  • Annual appraisals are carried out with every member of the team to discuss their performance and to plan their future development.
  • All staff have access to qualifications and training which includes personal development (including free mandatory CPD, Prep study opportunities and revalidation guidance). 
  • Health care workers and nurses providing a service to customers with specific needs will receive appropriate specialist training where required.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Our reputation for quality is paramount. The satisfaction, valuable feedback and views of customers and/or their representatives and other stakeholders is important and we are proactive in seeking out and acting upon this wherever practical and appropriate. Annual surveys are carried out to find out what our clients think about our services and to help us review and improve them. We also visit customers on a regular basis for face to face discussions and feedback.  Systems are in place to conduct quality audits in areas such as performance, practices and complaints. 

Kare Plus Loughborough operates within an open and transparent culture and is happy to provide additional information including copies of any policies and procedures at the request of customers for their information.


*Care Quality Commission in England, Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales, Care Inspectorate in Scotland and Home & Community Care and Health Service Executive in Ireland. 

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