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Kare Plus, Eastbourne


Kare Plus Eastbourne has many years experience in delivering support to individuals within their own home.

Admitting, or realising, that you need help and care to continue to get on in life is a huge, and ultimately life changing, decision. We are experts in this field and we can help.

The Kare Plus philosophy:

“We believe that everyone should be empowered to live their lives as they desire; this may include the right to remain living in your own home or the right to live your life in a fulfilling way that you choose. Whatever a client or service user’s needs are, we believe that by providing the right care and assistance can enable people to do so with dignity in an independent, safe and secure way”.

One of the ways that we achieve this is by providing fully trained and experienced domiciliary care staff, recruited from a variety of healthcare backgrounds to help give the best support to our clients in the comfort of their own homes. All our carers undergo a rigorous selection process and are chosen only if they demonstrate what we believe to be the highest moral standards and the ability to care for people in professional and non-intrusive way.

A Kare Plus Eastbourne carer is highly organised, hard-working and genuinely caring. We spend a lot of time matching the right carers with the right clients, ultimately creating a comfortable relationship that enables a carer to meet the needs of a client in a comfortable and friendly environment. We aim to minimise the amount of different people that the service user has to deal with on a regular basis, after all, the primary concern is improving the service user’s quality of life and health, without adding any extra stress to their lives.

Each person who requires care is different, and they will be assessed as such. We work closely with each individual to determine what kind of domiciliary care services they’ll need, eventually producing a carefully drafted personalised care plan. The assessment process is on-going, and families will always be informed and kept up-to-date. Care plans will be refreshed as and when any changes need making.

We ensure each service user maintains their independence but also receives the best support at all times. The level of support really depends on the individual, but is always highly professional and done with warmth and a smile. For example, a client who is recovering from a long-term illness or setback may need a large amount of support over a certain period of time. On the other hand, a frail or elderly care user may simply just like to see a friendly face from time to time. A cup of tea, a hand with the cleaning, and a good chat in the morning can really help anyone start the day well (and we all know how hard mornings can be!)

Domiciliary Care Providers

As domiciliary care providers, we at Kare Plus Eastbourne takes pride in our work and have huge respect for our carers and the work they do. Our experienced team of home care professionals and coordinators have an excellent track record with many years of success stories in domiciliary care provision. We listen to our clients and highly value any feedback that may help us to improve and develop our services.

We pride ourselves on our innovative and personalised approach to care. Our bespoke technology allows us to maintain smooth and efficient operations at all times. We offer a variety of flexible and affordable packages, from  30 minutes a day, up to 24 hours, all tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

If you are just beginning your care journey, and at the stage of seeking advice, our team will be happy to help.

Other areas of care in which we operate in:

You can contact our team on this number 01323819439 0r our Email us at

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