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Coping with grief at Christmas

Monday, December 20th, 2021 | Uncategorized

Christmas is a painful time for those coping with grief. While grief never fully goes away, there will be times when emotions are much more heightened than others and when the sense of loss can feel greater.


Ways to cope with grief at Christmas

  1. Be sensitive to everyone's needs as everyone in the family will have different ways of coping
  2. Allow yourself to look forward to and enjoy Christmas
  3. Allow yourself to not be ok
  4. Make space to remember who you are missing and it's normal to miss them
  5. Talk openly about how you and your family are feeling
  6. Decide together what you would like to do to remember them
  7. Make plans but allow yourself permission to change your mind
  8. Always be kind to yourself and find ways to take time out


Ways to remember your special person at Christmas

  1. Continue family traditions or create a new family tradition in memory
  2. Do something special or visit a special place
  3. Ask friends and family to write a special message
  4. Ask others to share their memories
  5. Listen to their favourite Christmas music



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