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Breast Cancer Awareness - Sharing Stories - Ruth's Story

Thursday, October 14th, 2021 | Uncategorized

Whether you have been directly affected through a breast cancer diagnosis or someone close to you who has, your stories describe the individual experiences of people living with breast cancer. Submitted by women and men both young and old, they are often difficult to read and don’t always have a positive outcome.

But they do have something in common, a desire to share their personal experience of living with breast cancer in the hope that others may learn from them or draw strength, knowing that they are not alone.
Kare Plus proudly supports the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness Month 🎗️
Ruth's Story:
"Ruth Barwick is 32 years’ old and has 4 young children - 2 with her now husband, Gavin Barwick and 2 from a previous relationship. At the end of May this year, Ruth was diagnosed with incurable Metastatic Breast Cancer. She had no symptoms of Breast Cancer except for a pain in one breast, which she was informed was a result of pulling a muscle. As things progressed, it shortly transpired that Ruth had Breast Cancer and that it had spread to her liver, lungs, lymph nodes and hip bone.
She is now undergoing chemotherapy and hormone treatments to try and help control her cancer. Upon receiving this diagnosis, Ruth and Gavin decided to get married as soon as they were able, and they exchanged their wedding vows in front of all of their family and friends in September 2021. Ruth now has 1 cycle of chemotherapy to undergo and will be on treatment plans, thereafter." 

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