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A Beaufort House Lockdown - Poetic Memoir by Sue Lees

Friday, April 9th, 2021 | Uncategorized

A Beaufort House Lockdown

We miss friends and families and getting a hug,

all because of the COVID bug.

We miss going out for a ride on the bus,

it's altogether a heck of a fuss.


We're confined to camp it's a real bore,

at least we got out during the war.

The visitors book has drawn blank,

and we're not spending money so funds in the bank.


Every day it seems is much like another,

it's a blessing we have the love for each other.

The staff are so good we have truly been gifted,

as it's not just the hoist that keeps us uplifted.


The staff with their aprons, gloves and blue masks,

can look quite scary when completing their tasks.

But they put us at ease and help us stay cheerful,

when isolation can make us feel tearful.


With no entertainers we've been doing more crafts,

making the best of it by sharing some laughs.

Reminiscing of friends who are no longer here,

and past events that bring us some cheer.


We're tested each month to make extra sure,

and temperatures checked like never before.

It's surely a time that's never been seen,

who'd ever heard of COVID nineteen.


But a vaccine is coming it's been a long wait,

we're so looking forward to beyond the big gate.

Some off to town in a rush and a hurry,

for a cold glass of wine and spicy hot curry.


Others will welcome the chance of a roam,

away from the lockdown and confines of home.

And for those unable to leave this place here,

there's the welcome back of those they hold dear.


And for Beaufort House residents we're sure you'll agree,

life will go on in the Burnham on Sea.

Poem by Sue Lees at Beaufort House


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