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5 Reasons to Join Kare Plus in 2021

Thursday, December 31st, 2020 | Uncategorized

2020 has been a year like no other. A global pandemic took grasp of countries across the world and confined us to our homes, creating a new, weird reality. During the midst of the global pandemic, people gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work of key workers. The weekly claps and online support of the nation shone a spotlight on the healthcare heroes who go to work every day and change the lives of others.


Unfortunately, 2020 also brought with it, redundancies. According to the Office for National Statistics, over 314,000 people lost their jobs from July to September this year, with many more job losses coming before and after. This is an unfortunate reality of COVID-19, as the economy took a fall when the country came to a standstill. There are positives to be found though amidst one of the toughest years in modern history, as more and more people are seeking alternative careers and sources of income.


Kare Plus has a network of offices across the United Kingdom, and healthcare staff have never been more in demand than they are right now. Whether you’ve got previous experience in care or the industry is completely new to you, our Kare Plus franchises are sure to have the perfect position for you. But why choose Kare Plus? Here’s just a few reasons why we think Kare Plus is a fantastic option for healthcare workers.

1.Training and Development

With an Investors in People Accreditation at our head office, Kare Plus is focused on empowering staff to improve their skills and create new opportunities. This ethos is one that’s shared amongst the entire network, as franchise owners provide healthcare staff with ample opportunity for training. Healthcare is a diverse industry filled with different needs, which is why our franchises provide a comprehensive selection of training opportunities.


To find out more about the training opportunities offered to our healthcare workers, please click the link below.



2.Make a Difference

There are few jobs that allow you to change lives for the better, but with Kare Plus you really can make a difference to someone, every time you leave the house. As we’ve seen this year, healthcare workers provide vital support to those in the community and those in hospitals during the times family can’t. So, if you want to make a difference, join our team today.


3.Mental Health Support

Earlier this year, Kare Plus partnered with Able Futures, a mental health support service & charity that provides free support to healthcare workers. Healthcare is one of the rewarding industries to work in, but it can be emotionally taxing sometimes, as you will help support people in their moment of need. We are committed as a network to support members of staff, and this commitment begins with the free support provided by Able Futures. Many of our franchise owners also regularly check in with staff to ensure they are happy in their role!


4.Benefit & Incentive Schemes

Every Kare Plus franchise is different, but many of them offer incentives and benefit schemes for staff. A popular scheme in the network is the ‘Employee of the Month’ award, which awards one employee a month based on their work ethic. Prizes have ranged from chocolates and flowers to tickets to watch Norwich City F.C. play! Our franchise owners all have their own weird and wonderful ways to thank staff members, but an appreciation of the work they do sits at the heart of the entire network.


5.Job Variety

No two days are the same in healthcare. The changing needs of customers means you'll face different scenarios every day. The challenging nature of healthcare means you’ll also be kept on your toes, meaning you’ll never be bored on the job!


These are just a few great reasons to join Kare Plus in 2021, but there are definitely more. If you would like to see available jobs in your area, please click the link below.



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