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10 tips for dealing with stress and tension for National Stress Awareness Day 2020

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 | Uncategorized

Today is National Stress Awareness day and at Kare Plus we are proud to be partnered with Able Futures, an organisation that provides free mental health support for those who are affected by stress in the workplace.

Below are tips for dealing with stress and tension:

  1. Recognise your symptoms of stress, whether it is work, your home life or even your social life that is causing you stress.
  2. Look at your lifestyle. Are you utilising all the support you have around you? Are you giving yourself enough time for self-care?
  3. Use relaxation techniques – yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or massage.
  4. Exercise – this is one of the most effective stress remedies around!
  5. Time management - Don’t forget to set yourself realistic time frames to achieve your tasks/ goals. The more pressure you put on yourself the more stress you will feel!
  6. Watch your diet – alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats, and tobacco are large contributors to how you feel. Avoid junk foods as they are usually high in simple sugars. Simple sugar stimulates the release of epinephrine and intensifies the stress reaction. A diet with a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods high in protein but low in fat will help create optimum health.
  7. Drink plenty of water, the recommended daily intake of water is around 2.7 litres for women and 3.7 litres for men.
  8. Get enough rest and sleep, the requirement for most adults is 7 – 9 hours and children require more than that!
  9. Talk with others/ socialise – following government guidelines regarding lockdown and social distancing. Try arranging zoom or facetime calls with friends and family to lift your spirits.
  10. Tackle one thing at a time – don’t try and do too much at once. Try making a list of things you need to get done that day, week or even month! Setting yourself short term goals will help you to achieve your long-term goals faster and enable you to prioritise your work/ life balance.

These are only suggestions made by Kare Plus and the Able Futures team.

If you do feel overwhelmed with stress and frustration, Able Futures delivers support to employers and providers of apprenticeships, as well as directly helping individuals. If you are in work and are in need o support managing your mental health difficulties, apply online through the links below.




Alternatively, please call free on 0800 321 3137, 8am to 10:30pm, Monday to Friday.

You will be contacted within one working day. Please not, you cannot apply on behalf of an employee or apprentice.

Support is delivered by qualified mental health care professionals, a range of specialist partners and advisers based throughout Great Britain. Each partner possesses a track record of providing first-class employment services.

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