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Putting the 'Personal' into Personal Care

Thursday, June 18th, 2020 | Blog

Providing the best quality care in local communities, on a national scale has been at the very forefront of Kare Plus’s objectives since its establishment in 1989. Our network of franchisees are always doing their best to ensure their staff and customers are providing and receiving the highest quality of care possible. 


An example of this is Farzana Rahman of Homecare by Kare Plus Derby. Since opening her business in February this year she has already made an amazing impact on not only her staff but her customers as well. 


In December 2019 Farzana received an enquiry from a lady who required personal care for her sister. Unfortunately, due to Farzana not yet being CQC registered she was unable to take on the package, meaning the customer had to use another local care agency. 


Upon Homecare by Kare Plus receiving its CQC registration, Farzana immediately re-engaged with customer and their enquiry. After a consultation it became apparent the lady requiring treatment had been in hospital for a sustained period due to mental health reasons. The customer was then discharged from hospital in December 2019 and was living at home only receiving a couple of hours of care each week from a different provider.


Farzana and the team carried out an initial customer assessment to ensure she received all the care needed. “There is so much more than just checking in and making a meal. Every care package is different, and nothing should be overlooked. My aim is to ensure that every customer has their quality of life improved as much as possible” – Farzana Rahman


Farzana quickly realised that her customer was without a toothbrush and toothpaste, was not bathing properly, had no shower gel, was not eating a health balanced diet and wouldn’t dress herself in clean clothes. All things that were not addressed by the previous care company.


Farzana spoke with a specialist organisation, Making Space, who quickly informed her that her customer diagnosis was incorrect, and she was actually living with dementia, not mental health. Farzana called social services and managed to get an emergency meeting which she attended with the customer’s sister and was able to get her customer on the correct care packaged she needed. 


“I was impressed with the depth and level of understanding the care provider gave during my initial contact with her. She researched my sister's illness and ensured carers allocated were fully aware of her care needs. The care provider assisted me in meetings with professionals which helped achieve a diagnosis for my sister.” –Sharon, Homecare by Kare Plus Derby Customer


Without the amazing dedication from Farzana the customer would have continued to receive the wrong type of care, resulting in her not having the best quality of life in her own home. 


“Myself and my carers now ensure that the customer is bathed properly, has a healthy and balanced diet, has proper oral hygiene, lives in a clean space and has a much better quality of life than before. It is so rewarding to know that we are able to make sure she has a better quality of life and are making a positive difference in the local community.


Care is not about cutting corners. That extra time with a customer enables them to take their time. Care shouldn’t be rushed; it is personal and important to ensure the customer is comfortable and happy after the end of their time with my carers.”


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