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Care Runs Deeper with Kare Plus

Friday, January 10th, 2020 | Blog

Looking for a new challenge? Want to find your next role in the healthcare field? Do you just want to try something different in the New Year? Kare Plus has a number of fantastic roles across the country to fit a number of different experience levels.


With Kare Plus, care runs deeper and the support you provide will change and improve the lives of people in your community. Whether it’s working in the homes of our customers or supporting those living in care homes and other private establishments, you will have the ability to empower others by providing the care and support they need.


If you’re a HCA with a minimum of six month’s experience in the past two years, Kare Plus has numerous opportunities to fit your aspirations. With flexible working hours, weekly pay and numerous training opportunities, there’s a lot to be excited about.


Nurses with an active pin and six months of experience in the past two years can also look forward to a number of different benefits with Kare Plus. Alongside weekly pay, flexible working hours and ongoing training opportunities, all of our nurses benefit from in-house support provided by our Clinical Lead. Whether it's revalidation support or a safeguarding query, our Clinical Lead will be there to provide the support you need.


Are you looking for your start in the healthcare industry, but lack the previous experience that many healthcare providers like Kare Plus require? We have the perfect opportunity for you. Our homecare roles require no previous experience as our comprehensive training will bring you up to speed on providing the best quality of care for our customers. Visit the jobs page linked below to see if we have any homecare roles available in your area.


Care runs deeper with Kare Plus and regardless of your experience level, you can get involved and start making a difference in your local community with as little a phone call to our team. 


Want to find out more? Find your local Kare Plus by visiting the link below. 


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