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Four Reasons You Should Choose Agency Work in 2019

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019 | Blog

For nurses and healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom, there has always been a point where they must decide ‘ do I work with an agency, or do I work as a permanent member of staff?’ The answer typically depends on an individual's needs, as the different aspects of agency and permanent positions suit different requirements.


The gap between the different styles of working continues to narrow as agency work becomes more reliable with many providers - Kare Plus included - being able to offer healthcare professionals a competitive wage and a better work-life balance, amongst other benefits.

1. Work-Life Balance

While there never going to be a perfect balance between being at work or at home - let’s face it, we’d all choose home if we could - working with an agency provides staff with more freedom to pick and choose their shifts. Do you have a busy week ahead and need to fit in a few extra shifts on your free days? An agency will be better equipped to meet your needs and can likely accommodate the shifts you are available for.

2. Competitive & Weekly Pay 

Agency workers are often better paid than staff working in permanent healthcare positions. The last minute nature of agency work means a better pay rate for staff that come in to cover last minute shortages. If better pay isn’t enough, agency staff are commonly paid on a weekly basis. Kare Plus staff receive their first paycheck during their second week of working, and continue to receive a weekly wage provided they’ve worked in the week before. 

3. More Variety 

Agency work provides staff with more day-to-day variety with different working environments and patients from shift to shift. While this does involve more travelling, agency staff gain a wider level of experience, working with different types of patients with varying needs.

4. You Can Do Both

There are many nurses and healthcare assistants who choose to work as a permanent member of staff while picking up agency shifts outside of their normal work routine. This is a great way to pick up some extra hours ahead of a holiday or to simply bulk up your monthly earnings by working an extra shift here and there. 


To find out more about working with Kare Plus and the other benefits we provide our staff, contact your local business today by visiting the link below.


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