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Get ahead of the summer holidays with Kare Plus

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 | Blog

With Easter out of the way, it's only a few more months until the summer holidays. While everyone has a different reaction to the longest school break of the year, for the most part it brings up the challenges of childcare and supporting children while still maintaining a regular wage.


Childcare costs have rocketed in recent years as more and more parents try to balance their working lives with the demands of being a parent. The costs of childcare averaged a huge £800 per child in 2018 during the summer holidays, a 4% increase on the previous year. At an average of £133 per week, per child (1), it's no surprise that many parents take time off from work or consider full-time parenting during the holiday period.


Even then, parents will spend an average of £594 per child during the summer holidays keeping their children entertained and fed. More kids in the house over the holidays means more mouths to feed!

While there is no fix-all solution to this problem, Kare Plus can help by giving you the ability to not only earn money ahead of time but also pick shifts around caring for your children.


If you’re an experienced HCA or Nurse, you could earn up to £2,244 and £4,264 respectively from now until the beginning of July, which marks the beginning of the summer holidays. For a full breakdown of earning potentials, please view the table below.



(Before Tax)



(Before Tax)


























These figures are based on the national averages provided by PayScale (2), but they may vary depending on area and the level of experience. The total earnings per week are based on the average UK Working week of 37.4 hours as reported by the Office for National Statistics (3) Many of our nurses and healthcare assistants earn more than the average wage, so earnings could be even higher than listed above.


If you’re a healthcare assistant with three months experience in the past five years, or a nurse with a minimum of six months experience in the past two years, you could be working with Kare Plus within ten days provided you pass our compliance process.

So if you want to get ahead of the summer holidays and earn some extra income, why not take a look at our jobs page, or find your closest Kare Plus office here.


RGN Average Pay in United Kingdom
HCA Average Pay in United Kingdom

Average Hours Worked Per Week in the UK during 2018

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