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Why Choose Respite Care?

Thursday, April 11th, 2019 | Blog

Unless you look after yourself, how can you expect to look after others.

Caregivers are possibly the least selfish people in the world. Looking after another human, 24 hours a day is probably as selfless as you can get.

However, every carer (as well as friends and family members) needs to recognise that caring can be overwhelming. The effects of caring on the health and well-being of carers is something that is sometimes overlooked. It is unappreciated that when you are a full-time carer, the time that’s supposed to be spent on yourself or with relatives and friends disappears.

The person with the full-time care of their loved one can end up with feelings of isolation from other family members.  Finding the time and energy for themselves to do normal everyday things such as meeting up with friends, taking part in community activities and attending social functions can be nigh on impossible when caring for someone 24 hours a day.

In addition, carrying out the basic necessities of daily life such as grocery shopping or cleaning the house can Often end up overlooked or neglected

Respite care provides carers with the support they need to rest and focus on their own wellbeing. Respite care is commonly provided on a temporary basis and it can last from an hour up to two weeks or even more.

Respite care can be a wonderful gift to a carer. However, to enjoy the break away from their loved one can be difficult. The carer must first know that the people providing the respite really understand the needs of the person in their temporary care. Only when carers truly think that their loved one will get the love, attention and care they need can they relax and enjoy the break.

The benefits of respite care are not all one sided. The customers in need of support will also benefit from a new person to bond with. Perhaps unexpectedly, respite care can also provide opportunities for growth and development, learning new skills or finding new potential hobbies.

In short, respite care could give carers and customers a new lease of life. 

If you’re interested in Respite Care with Kare Plus, give a branch near you a call. You can find them at: www.kareplus.co.uk/branches

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