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5 ways to combat loneliness in old age

Thursday, March 28th, 2019 | Blog

Did you know that 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone? Two million of these people are over the age of 75. As data shows and is the case, the loneliness of older people in the UK is continuing to rise.

Mental wellbeing is important regardless of age and even though a person can feel physically fit, it’s important that they take time to work on their mental health.

It may sound obvious, but some people can go for days or weeks at a time without talking to someone. Fortunately, there are Numerous ways the elderly community can get out and participate within their local community.

Getting Active

Getting active within the community by joining a group such as a walking club can help you to exercise, socialise and meet new people, all at the same time.

Staying Connected

Your elderly loved ones may go through long periods of time without speaking to anyone. As their family & friends, make sure you regularly contact and engage with them. You could even help them out by getting them set up on social media, and then they can see what is going on in the lives of those around them.

Ask About Feelings

Your loved ones may be happy to talk about how they’re feeling, but don’t know how to approach the subject. Why not ask what might be troubling them? There could be many reasons why they are feeling lonely, and there may be an easy fix.

Getting Help

Kare Plus carers aren’t just available for physical tasks, our care and support packages can vary in length and content. Whether delivery of complex care is necessary, or the provision of companionship is required, along with our registered care managers, we can meet the changing needs of our customer.

Help Remove Practical Barriers

Barriers such as not having access to a car or a fear of falling when out alone may be preventing your loved one from getting out and about in the community, this is also something Kare Plus can provide support with.

If you think that your elderly loved one would benefit from help and companionship, get in touch with your local Kare Plus branch today at: https://www.kareplus.co.uk/branches/

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