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Tips to take control and make your home safe as you age

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 | Blog

Safety and security is the most important thing when you are living alone. If you are concerned, don’t worry, preparing your house for ageing doesn’t necessarily need a costly renovation. Below we outline some tips and changes you or your loved one can make, in order to ensure your home is safe as you age.

Join the neighbourhood watch

It’s a great way to stay connected, getting to know more people in your area can make you feel safer. This can also help to increase safety locally! Raising concerns with others and being part of the neighbourhood watch can improve the safety and security of your area.

Ensure fewer trip and fall hazards

Do you have cords running across the floor of your home? Is your rug curling up? Is there clutter about? Addressing these kind of easily solved issues can prevent an accident. Outside can also be a problem, get rid of any debris or fallen leaves and consider installing outside lights.

Keep valuables out of sight at night

Burglars are more likely to be attracted to properties where valuables are in plain sight, and therefore easy to swipe! Drawing your curtains and blinds at night is a good deterrent, as well as adding visible locks to your windows and doors.

Install a ‘dummy’ security system

This is a cheap and effective way to discourage thieves. Any camera is likely to stop them from entering; they don’t know if it works or not!

Keep things easy

Modifying areas of the home can also be useful if you can afford it, such as investing in a bath and anti-scalding devices in case water becomes too hot. Make sure frequently used kitchen items are easy to reach and consider automatic devices to turn off the stove when not in use.

Be alert

If you are visiting a loved one that may need an extra hand, take note of anything you notice that could be of risk to them. For example, if the fridge is empty or they are wearing dirty clothing, this could be a sign that further support is needed.

Homecare is a great option allowing your loved one to stay at home. You can also visit Age UK for further advice about keeping them safe at home. https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/care/housing-options/home-safety/

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