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World Mental Health Day - How does Kare Plus help?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 | Uncategorized

Kare Plus provides essential support to a variety of people with complex needs and disabilities across the UK. One of our services that has grown rapidly is support for those living with mental health illnesses. On World Mental Health Day, we look at the care and support Kare Plus offers.


As an established healthcare provider, Kare Plus provides support in a multitude of settings, ensuring our customers always receive care suited to their needs. Kare Plus recruits a diverse, experienced and passionate workforce of carers and nurses to meet the growing demand for specialised mental health care services.


Mental health illnesses cover a spectrum conditions and disabilities including depression, dementia, eating disorders and autism. It may surprise you that 20% of the world’s children and adolescents live with a mental health condition and almost half of these illnesses begin before the age of 14. Supporting those living with mental health conditions will become increasingly more important as the number of recorded cases grow.


Our rigorous recruitment process and experienced team of senior clinical staff ensures Kare Plus carers and nurses provide the right support and care for mental health conditions including; dementia, depression, anxiety and learning disabilities, which are experienced by 1 in 4 people in the UK today.


Our Supported Living service helps people living with learning disabilities and other developmental conditions. Residents are assisted around-the-clock by carers who encourage them to perform their own daily tasks in an effort to build confidence and independence. We help our customers find a level of freedom they might not have previously experienced. The one-to-one caring environment and focus on gradual improvement has seen vast improvements in the health and well being of many of our Supported Living customers.


Across our homecare division, many of our staff care for customers diagnosed with dementia, the needs of people with degenerative neurological conditions are varied and complicated. We provide our staff with comprehensive and continuous training, ensuring that we can meet the needs of our customers in a comfortable and compliant way.


Laura Oakley, Manager of Kare Plus West Midlands has vast experience of working to support those living with mental health illnesses. “Kare Plus West Midlands is proud to offer a diverse range of support to a broad spectrum of people living with mental illnesses. Our services include supervision, encouragement, guidance and companionship, all provided to enable the dignity, liberty and empowerment of our customers.”


On World Mental Health Day, we are proud to support people living with a mental health illness. Regardless of the condition or disability, every person should have the ability live the life they choose. Kare Plus will continue to support customers through our passionate and dedicated healthcare staff.


Please visit our Services page to read about the support Kare Plus provides.


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