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Earn extra money this summer with Kare Plus

Monday, June 18th, 2018 | Blog
Summer can be an expensive time of year, there are holidays, days out, events and even childcare to take into consideration, if you’re a parent. Fitting in extra work on top of this may seem like a crazy idea, but at a care agency like Kare Plus you can work around your responsibilities and earn some extra income to get you through the summer months. It may sound too good to be true, but Kare Plus can offer you a variety of shifts depending on your availability. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for nursing jobs, healthcare assistant jobs, or a position in homecare, Kare Plus will have something that fits around you and your skills. It may be an extra shift on the weekend, or simply one more shift a week on top of your established work schedule. If you still don’t believe us, we’ve outlined the ways this can be achieved below.
  1. Homecare jobs - flexible hours
Many positions at Kare Plus, especially our quality homecare positions are very flexible, giving you the opportunity to fit in shifts when you have time. Whether you’re looking for something to fit around your studies, family commitments or another job – Kare Plus could have the perfect role for you.  
  1. HCA jobs – variety of working environments
We have a variety of roles and working environments for those with experienced HCAs careers this summer – we’ll always try our hardest to meet your availability. That way you can earn money by working, and still have the time to do all the things you have planned for the summer.  
  1. Nursing Vacancies - bank shifts
If you’re already working as a registered Nurse, it’s likely that you already have a pretty tight work schedule. However, there is always the option to pick up a bank shift during the week. Many of our Kare Plus branches have bank shifts available that fit around your availability. That extra shift a week could pay towards a much-needed holiday before the summer is over! Kare Plus has a variety of positions available across the country, please use our branch locator to get in touch with your closest Kare Plus branch and discuss the roles in your area. Alternatively, use our jobs page to apply for a summer position.

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