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9 seasonal gift ideas for healthcare professionals

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 | Blog

The season of giving will soon be here which means now is the perfect time to buy gifts for those who deserve it! Choosing the perfect gift is hard enough, but what do you buy for someone that works in the healthcare industry?


It may be a simple gift to most, but pens are an essential item during the day-to-day life of a healthcare professional. All information that is written has to be recorded with a back pen, so a pack of spare pens will likely go a long way.

Z-Grip Smooth - Retractable Ballpoint Pen - Pack of 6 - Black

Sleeping aids

Night shifts are common practise in the healthcare industry, so why not buy something to make falling asleep between shifts easier. There are many items you can buy, but an eye mask and a pair of earplugs are an excellent start because daytime sleeping is difficult!

Dormibene Black Sleep Mask/Eye Mask Set

Travel Mug

The heart of many early starts and long nights is a good cup of coffee (or tea, depending on your taste). This is where a good travel mug can help. The owner can make their own perfect cup of coffee whilst also being able to keep it hot for long enough to drink it!

Nurse travel mug

Personalised fob watch

Having a fob watch is key in multiple healthcare professions as hygiene is very important! Being able to use it without touching it is one of the primary functions of a fob watch. A gift like this would likely to be appreciated this Christmas as it is hard to add a touch of personality to a uniform and this could be the perfect solution!

Funky Fobz - Flower Fob Watch

Winter Car Kit

Waking up during cold mornings in the winter is never enjoyable, but waking up to find your car completely iced over when you’re in a rush to travel to work is even worse. A winter car kit is an excellent present for any healthcare professional, as it makes those colder winter mornings a little less troublesome.

Wallace Cameron Mezzo Winter Car Kit


What kind of health care worker wouldn’t appreciate a great box of chocolates?! Especially if there is enough to share around with colleagues! As healthcare professionals don’t often have time to grab a break, so a lovely chocolate could be the perfect pick me up as they are flying around the workplace!

Chocolate Selection

Favour Card

The best gifts are often something that money can’t buy. With that in mind, why not gift a “Good for One Use” favour card? You could offer to clean, run errands or even cook a lovely meal. It’s a small gesture that might brighten the day of a health care worker that will be so busy at this time of year!

2018 Diary

A calendar or diary is one of the most valued presents a nurse can receive. It may be unloved by some people, but not by someone who is a health care worker! It’s incredibly easy to double book yourself, especially when a shift is booked well in advance, with their diary, every shift that is booked can be easily marked down for later reference.

2018 Diaries

Compression Socks

Compressions socks are an excellent asset for any person who stands or walks around for a long time, making them perfect for healthcare professionals. The socks work by improving circulation to the feet, minimising potential swelling or aching during a 12 hour shift.

Compression Socks for Men & Women

Are there any great gift ideas you have planned for friends or colleagues during the festive season? Let us know in the comments.


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