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Five mobile applications changing disability support for the better

Friday, October 20th, 2017 | Blog

Over the past twenty years, mobile devices have transformed how we access information. They have also improved the lives of millions of disabled people through intuitive and creative applications. The ease of using these apps make day-to-day living more manageable, improving the communication, mobility and quality of life for children and adults alike. In this blog we look at five great downloadable apps.


Talkitt aims to help people with speech difficulties to communicate, it analyses individual voices and repeats an accurate version of what is being said. Talkitt can help people with autism, cerebral palsy, brain damage and dementia to communicate without the worry of being misunderstood. To find out more about Talkitt, visit their website.

Stepping Stones  

Stepping Stones provides a visual aid for day-to-day tasks such as teeth brushing or eating breakfast, these are planned in a visual calendar. This app is a great tool for people with learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder or autism, the app can be downloaded on Google Play and iTunes.

Off We Go!

Off We Go! introduces people living with disabilities to stressful situations like visiting the dentists or going on a plane. The app is designed to help by introducing scenarios and making new environments less distressing. You can find Off We Go! On iTunes.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes provides visually impaired people with help from volunteers through the use of camera phones and the internet. Volunteers can support those unable to read information that is in front of them by acting as a second pair of eyes. The application is free, and available on Google Play and iTunes.

Family Locator - GPS Tracker

Family Locator utilises the GPS technology in mobile phones to give a real time visual image of where your selected family and friends are. The app is a great safeguard for someone living with an illness or a disability that makes them prone to confusion. You can download Family Locator on Google Play and iTunes.


Mobile phones are making the world a more accessible place for everyone and we can’t wait to see what the future brings. If you know of another great mobile app, let us know in the comments.

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